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I founded CRUeL Pictures with one goal in mind: preserving memories from film in order to truly provide multi-generational viewing. As founder I was inspired when I came across old family reels, not only did I not have a projector to view them but the only way I could show my family was to send them the reels and projector. That is until I perfected the craft of digitizing, now if someone in my family wants to see grandma and grandpa as young adults, all I have to do is text it to them. Digitizing film isn't a gimmick but rather a way to future-proof and preserve those family memories for generations.

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Cru Lebs

This video includes films from the 50s and 60s that CRUeL Pictures have digitized and preserved. To see more videos like this please subscribe to our YouTube channel CRUeL Pictures.


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